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2nd squad 1st platoon Alpha 1/9 Marines (1968 – 1969)


   We are trying to reenact a squad of marines in the second half of Vietnam conflict. We chose this period because we had to. There were no airsoft versions of M14 rifle when we started. We would like to reenact also first half of conflict from next year because M14 will be produced.

   We are using airsoft guns because we are taking part in „fights“ against other teams. But on the first place we want to have original uniforms, equipment etc.

   We have five members. Not all from us look like marines because it is very hard for us to get USMC M1955 flak vests in large size. But we are moving forward.  

   Our uniforms are these which were used in this war, ERDL, Jungle and M62 utilities. Equipment of models M61, M56, M45, bags ARVN, Tropical etc. And all the other stuff which was used by Marines. From P38 and shaving kits to M16, grenades etc.  


1/9 Marines


RT Boxscore, 3rd Force Recon Company



e-mail: 1.9marines@seznam.cz