14 809 Marines were killed and 88 635 were wounded. They were to 21 years old and in ranks of private first class, lance corporal or corporal. 51% of deads and 16% of wounded were caused by small arms fire, shells caused 36% of deads and 65% of woundeds, mines and traps caused 13% of deads 19% of woundeds. It was common for Marines to use helmets and flak vests, to dig trenche when possible etc. But in close range fights, you had to be the first who kill to survive.

   One unofficial rule of this war was not let casaulties to enemy and Marines risked more casaulties to save bodies of their buddies. Communists discovered this early and tried to trap deads and woudeds to their position to eliminate supprting fire.

 In combat, Marine was expected to provide self-aid and wait until help come. Everyone had field dressings and first aid kit with necessary things.

   More serious treatment was provided by US Navy Medics. Docs, how they were called, were respected, because of their knowledges and they were also a little bit older than average Marine. When not in action he treated common sicks and helped to Vietnamese civilians.