1/9 Marines operations in Vietnam




16th July – 1st battalion 9th Marines came to Vietnam and replaced 3/9 in security task of Da Nang airfield.


Blastout - near Cam Ne

   3rd August – „…marines burned tens of houses and killed or wounded tens of civilians, in the dirtiest war America ever fought…“, K. Beech. But in fact befor burning this village down, Marines were under fire from this village.


Golden Fleece


Rice Straw




   In January 9th Marines began using of a new tactic, Sparrow Hawk. That meant every battalion had an emergency team, flown in combat by helicopters, which were ready at Da Nang airfield. This teams were used to make a contact with enemy.


   Country Fair – military, civilian and psychological program for restoring government of RVN in places under control of Viet Cong. It meant catching of Viet Cong suspects, medical help for civilians and securing their food from stealing by Viet Cong.






Ky Lam Campaign








Deckhouse V

   One from few amphibious operations of USMC in Mekong Delta began on January 5th. 1/9 was infantry part of 7th Fleet´s Special Landing Force. 21 enemies were killed.


Prairie II


Beacon Hill


Prairie III


1st Khe Sanh

   16th March – company E from 2/9 Marines was attacked in area of Khe Sanh, 24th April – company B 1/9 got into heavy firefight near Hill 861.


Prairie IV


Chinook II




Con Thien

   FSB closest to DMZ, area of heavy combat in the summer 1967. It was first base of „Mc Namara line“, which should stop enemy infiltration into South Vietnam. When Marines started digging of bunkers, trenches etc. NVA attacked. Marines called Con Thien „Meat Gringer“ For example, 2nd July – from company B 1/9 left 27 combat able men. Fights lasted until July 14th - Operation Buffalo??? Total Marines´ casaulties were 159 dead and 450 wounded. Enemy left here about 1000 bodies. 

   After short break, the base was under siege in September. It looked there like a Europe in the First World War.
















Ballistic Armor


Dai Do

2nd Khe Sanh

   One from the most known battles in Vietnam war. Informations will be added.



   This operation made a way to besieged Khe Sanh.


July Action


Dawson River




Dawson River West


Operation Dewey Canyon


Apache Snow

   Marines form 1/9 light contact with enemy. 101. Airborne Division was fighting at Hamburger Hill in this operation.


Utah Mesa


Cameron Falls

   Marines form 1/9 light contact with enemy, they are transfered to Vandegrift and 1/9 was getting ready for redeployment. But actully there was a change of personnel between 1/9 and other Marine Battalions, so rotated only those Marines which should.


Keystone Eagle


Redeployed to Okinawa

  The Walking Dead battalion won two Presidential Unit Citations, two Navy Unit Commendations, two Meritorious Unit Commendations, Vietnamese Gallantry Cross and Civic Actions Citation.