Corps in war


   Since 10 November 1775 are Marines viewed like light infantry, in green uniforms and black accountraments. Marines served in most of conflicts which USA fought. „ From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…“like say the Hymnus of the Corps. Two brigades served in Europe in the First World War – they stopped last German offensive in front of Paris („Who would want to live forever…“ said by Sgt Daly). Six divisions with supporting and aviation unit fought in the Second World War. In 1947 was established modern Corps, three divisions, three air wings and reserve.

   Major bases were and are Quantico, Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton in USA and some others in the Pacific region. Headquarters is untill today in Arlington, near D.C.

   Marines served in Korea war (1950 - 1953), Lebanon, Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

   It erupted a conflict at early 60‘s between Vietnams and Marine advisors and helicopters came to South Vietnam. In March 1965 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade landed in Da Nang.

   When this conflict began Marines were well trained and equipped for conventional warfare but in Vietnam they met something else. Everything between terrorist attack, partisan war and conventional combats with heavy supporting arms.

   Marines mainly operated in the I Corps, the northern provinces of South Vietnam. In regions bordering with Laos, North Vietnam and China sea. There were valleys and ridges from west which served as base camps for NVA for attacks to populated coastal regions at east.   

   First bases were organised near Da Nang, Chu Lai. Later were Marines moving north nearer to DMZ where was constructed „Mc Namara line“ and to Dong Ha, Hue etc. From mid 1968 Marines used mobile operations until their withdrawl in 1971.

   But fights continued to 1975 when the South Vietnam was defeated. In proces of US embassy evacuation were killed last two Marines. The longest conflict in USMC history cost 14 809 dead and 88 635 wouded. Every fourth name on the Wall is Marine‘s.